About Me


As a UX/UI designer, I love to craft moments of delight that people discover and want to share with others. I started my career at EA Sports where I worked on the world’s best-selling franchise game, FIFA. While at EA, I worked on the FIFA Ultimate Team web and mobile app (2014), in addition to the console game (2015). I worked on the interface of the game, which allowed users to collect items and build teams. I was also fortunate enough to have been able to work on the FIFA World Cup game for 2014.

After completing my contracts at EA, I moved over to Samsung. I began to work on more enterprise oriented projects. As a member of the UX team, I do everything from creating the user thought process to wireframing, prototyping and visual design.

After two years at Samsung, I made the jump to the grand New York City where I work as a UI/UX designer at Kaplan Test Prep. At Kaplan I design the digital platform related to student learning.

I am excellent at adapting to different work environments, and I don’t dwell too much on what cannot be controlled and am able to focus on what’s important at hand with a positive attitude. I thrive on understanding users and translating that information into an improved product.